Online proctoring is the name of the game. Online proctoring can help individuals to develop a better rapport and establish a connection between the students and professors. However blackboard systems are not cheat-proof. This means if someone else logs in and completes the blackboard tests meant for the students, there is no way to detect the process of cheating and the fact that someone else has logged in and completed the exam.

So it is important to ask, how far are blackboard systems safe for use as it can be easily hacked or used by someone else who has the email, login or password? Can Blackboard detect cheating in online exams? How do you dodge the Blackboard in a proctored exam?

Blackboard, D2L, and online course portals want to keep you honest. Some even use ProctorU and other monitoring systems. Can they be beaten? Well, monitoring and proctoring systems can be beaten or cheated if you turn off your IP and related personal information on the computer.

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Just like any other login systems, blackboard login requires a login username and password. Now, students who share their blackboard login information, could easily get into trouble if someone else logs in as there is considerable tracking information available that could determine where this individual is logging in from and their IP address and things like that. However, sometimes even in a proctored exam, in case of an online exam or test situation, students are able to dodge the system and ask a hired tutor or an essay writer to sit through the exams.

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Cheating Blackboard is easy

Yes, this is what you discover when you use Blackboard systems. You can definitely dodge the system and no one will realize that someone else logged in and took your tests and sat through your exams, if you turn off your location or machine information from appearing on the system. It is easy to go through this process, you just have to realize however, that despite the dodging and the cheating, it may not be the most recommended thing to do.

Finally, you can provide your login information to anyone who you choose to sit through your tests. For instance, a paid essay writer may finally agree to sit through your exams to get paid for it, but it may not be the best route to your career or to your knowledge development. You have not actually learned anything if someone else sits through and completes your online exams through Blackboard. Right? But then, you might be desperate or due to your circumstances, forced to this sort of thing.

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Blackboard systems are often used by almost all Colleges and Universities and the Blackboard software is pretty sophisticated in that it allows you to do many things, including take exams, participate in discussion forums, participate in group discussions, post in college boards, manage your coursework etc. Blackboard systems also give you a range of flexibility in terms of your college online activity so it is a super cool online management system.

However, it sometimes, may not have certain encrypted systems in the sense it cannot detect the original or genuine user, although it can use ProctorU and other monitoring systems, so it may not be possible for you to completely go anonymous if you don’t know how to turn off location and other details of personal information that Blackboard picks up to identify the genuine user.

So, you can use the Blackboard system fairly easily to do just that – ask someone else to log in and sit through the tests, exams, or discussion board. How do you use such online systems to dodge information on test answers?

Many writers may not want to break into your system, if you understand what that means. Like literally sitting in for you, may be a bit difficult thing to do for any writer, so writers will not prefer to do this. But think of your writer as a robot system, so a robot enters your Blackboard and automatically takes your tests – without issues of integrity and ethical considerations? Well, that might happen in the future. But as of now, your essay writer might just log in and complete your tests and this would have ethical implications and raise questions on ethics, legality and integrity.

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Ethical Implications of tricking Blackboard

Discussion forums are also as important as your tests and sometimes you may have no idea what to write in a discussion forum, and may ask an essay writer to go back and fill up the discussion forum. Again, this may raise certain ethical issues, but if you are really desperate and don’t know how to start or continue a discussion forum, it may be necessary to get help of an essay writer. So, the hired writer will log in, and write the discussion for you. Are there implications? Can you get caught for using services or asking other people to log in and complete your stuff? This is technically cheating, right?

Well, although I don’t encourage you to cheat, you may just have to cheat in case you are ill and in hospital, or you are having serious circumstantial problems, like your circumstances are such that you cannot log in. Did you just go to a vacation where there is no internet access and you forgot everything about that essay you have to submit through the Blackboard, or the tests you have to sit through or the proctored exams you have to complete? Well, in that case, your only solution would be an essay writer or a paid blog writer.

So, yes someone else can sit through your exams and cheat through the system but there may be considerable implications for this. Apart from the obvious ethical and integrity related issues, you may not even know what has been posted and this creates a problem for you because you will not know what has been said in the forums, although technically you said it.

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Now, you would ask me whether cheating is rampant, and whether students actually cheat and ask other people to do their work or sit through proctored exams. Do students hire writers who may pretend to be the student in a proctored exam? Sometimes this rampant and widespread cheating does happen. However, both teachers and students need to be aware of this and understand the implications and limitations. Just as students need to be cautious about using Blackboard services through other users or have to be cautious about asking other users to sit through their tests, teachers need to be aware that students can cheat, even on proctored exams and develop considerable defenses so that the system can prevent cheating.

The Blackboard software does have such defenses and in most cases, although someone else can log in and pose to be the student and complete the tests. Maybe, Blackboard needs to update the software to prevent cheating from happening and use better or more sophisticated monitoring systems. But until they do so…hey, who’s stopping you from taking that vacation and asking someone else to sit through that terrible proctored exam?

It is important to ask, if Blackboard systems technically allow anyone to log in and pose as you, how safe are these systems? Of course, such software is good for you, as you can cheat like a breeze, but this may just be a temporary situation. As finally, Universities are going to change the Blackboard software and use AI to finally allow Blackboard to recognize whether the user is the student as he is meant to be or whether the identity of the person is correct. Now, these identity recognizing software can be important for Universities if cheating in online proctored exams become rampant or all too common. This is not yet the case, and Universities are still taking it easy (although there are monitoring systems) and you should too! So, you can actually take it easy and decide whether you do want to use a writer for your essay writing and discussion forum through the Blackboard.

What do students have to say?

I asked one student whether he felt it is okay to use the Blackboard to submit essays and exams that are not physically done by him, but by an essay writer.

The student asked me to repeat the question. When I did, he said he was not aware that “someone else could log in and take the exams or participate in discussions boards”. However, according to him, this seemed like a cool thing to do anyway.

He told me that “it is cool to cheat and not get caught, but may not be cool to cheat and get caught. Blackboard may not have the system or software to detect the real user, and this could be a Blackboard system flaw, so students can definitely cheat, ask someone else to sit through the tests and yet not get caught.”

So, I asked the student a simple question – Should students cheat?

He simply said, “No, that’s not ethical. But sometimes students may have no choice”. “Maybe they are ill or have a family tragedy, or there may be other challenges they face. In these cases, they are forced to cheat, although they may not want to cheat. They may ask a family member or a friend or a paid writer to complete part of their Backboard assignments.”

I asked whether he really supported that?

He replied, “Well, a mother completing a daughter’s test is a common phenomenon, I heard about it. So, if a son is sick, the mother can log in and complete a test, you don’t even have to hire an essay writer. I am sure in most cases, students don’t want to cheat and even if they do cheat, they may not cheat for the entire coursework, but possibly for just one assignment.”

Know your options

So, although no one would encourage you to cheat, this blog just tells you that technically it is possible to ask someone else to sit through proctored exams and help you complete your tests. As I already mentioned, there are full-proof cases, you may be sick, ill, on vacation, dyslexic or you may have other physical, intellectual and psychological problems, conditions or situations that does not allow you to log in and complete the exams. In that case, you may have to hire a paid writer. The situation can get complicated if the paid writer does not do a job that you expect him to do, if the paid writer somehow writes stuff that you don’t support or writes directly on the discussion board and you don’t even get a chance to recheck what she or he has written.

When you don’t have the power or control over your own Blackboard login system or University discussion forum, there may be a problem. The discussion may go out of hand, and your hired writer could be like that uncontrolled Robot on whom you have no control. If your writer logs in and writes things that you have no control over, you are officially in trouble.

So, the first thing you must learn is to hire a writer who you can trust. This is very important, as if you hire any random writer to control your exams and you do not already have a good rapport with him or her, things might go out of hand and you may get into trouble.

So, these are some of the golden rules you must follow while hiring an essay writer to do your job.

  1. Develop a rapport or relationship with your essay writer.
  2. Develop a relationship of trust with your paid writer.
  3. Do not have arguments with your writer, as your writer can log in to your Blackboard and write something that will get you in trouble.
  4. If you are hiring someone to write a proctored exam, be sure to give away only the necessary information and not too much information.
  5. If you are hiring a writer to write a proctored exam, give the writer all necessary information that he may require as the tutor or the system may ask for necessary information from the writer to identify that it’s you.
  6. Finally, do not use hired writers to complete all of your coursework. Sometimes you can simply ask the writer to complete the discussions but in many cases, students prefer to get written notes from the writer and then post the discussions and essays themselves.
  7. Remember to turn off all location, IP and other personal details that could give away your details to the Blackboard monitoring systems and allow the system to match this with other users who may log in.

So, remember these points and you are set to go through your proctored exams like a breeze, no matter whether you are sitting for your exams or someone else is doing it for you.


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