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Apply to be a Jittery Monk – How to Join the Monastery

Are you a great writer, programmer, math fanatic, scientist, or other type of expert? Do you like coffee, kung fu, and meditation? If you answered yes to these questions, you might make a great Jittery Monk!

The application process is simultaneously straightforward and rigorous. With our six-step screening and application process, we’re more selective than Harvard (5.2%), Princeton (4.7%), and Yale (4.4%)! The application and screening process is as follows:

  1. The elders review work samples, resumes, cover letters, and other preliminary documents submitted by applicants
  2. Next, suitable candidates will be interviewed by phone, chat, and/or video call
  3. Promising candidates are then given an orientation to monk life and to the job
  4. Next, candiates are offered a paid test order, which is submitted to our team upon completion
  5. After this, the test order is screened extensively by the monastery’s elders. If it passes this review, the test paper is sent to the client and the candidate is added to the team of Jittery Monks. If the test order does not meet the required standards, the candidate is compensated for his or her time and the order is reassigned to a senior team member and completed from scratch on schedule.
  6. Finally, all team members are continuously evaluated. The Jittery Monks are consistently subject to ongoing review and evaluation to ensure that every Jittery Monk stays up to par.

Think you have what it takes to live the monk life? Contact with a work sample, resume, and any other information that you’d like to highlight.

Want a Swift and Accurate Response?

To serve you more efficiently, submit the full details of your project as a new order. This gives our monks a chance to fully understand your order, which lets us answer your questions more accurately and quickly.

No need to make a blood pact! Opening a new order comes with no-obligation. If desired, after opening a new order, feel free to consult with the Jittery Monks prior to funding the project.

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