Helicopter Parenting or Pragmatism?

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Helicopter Parents Have Landed on Campus. Here’s How to Handle Them

Parents Have Landed on Campus…

Helicopter parenting is a style of parenting where one or both parents have an excessive interest in making sure their child succeeds by incessant focus on their child’s life. Some parents hover over their child and do everything for them because they are unsure if the child is capable of doing life on their own or it is not as good as the parent would do it.

Helicopter parenting is so prevalent even in college today that professors have to include lines in their syllabi telling students that their parents cannot ask about the classwork or grades. Instant connectivity is making it easy for parents to interfere in their children become independent adults. There is a difference between just being supportive and being a helicopter parent. It is perfectly fine to be supportive of their children. Moreover, parents should not cut off all ties to their children just because they are in college. In fact, this is increasingly difficult with the amount of digital communication to be able to keep in touch (Reed et al., (2016).

According to Levine and Dean (2013), one in five college students are in touch with their parents three or more times a day, and over forty-one percent are in touch every day. Today’s college students are struggling to maintain a balance among the realities of adulthood and the diminished realities of the world they are entering. They want to be autonomous; but they are being forced to depend on their parents more and more financially and emotionally.

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Today’s College Student… living on a Tightrope

These students are facing the worst economy ever, which does not leave realistic optimism for the future as an adult. More are working and attending classes to support themselves even with parents’ help. Most are leaving college with huge student loan debt and one out of four is moving back in with their parents just to pay bills with no employment (one out of eleven) readily available (Levine and Dean, 2013).

In addition, today’s college student arrives on campus not prepared, lacking in common skills, knowledge to succeed in the rigors of upper level education, and parents who are readily available to help when needed (Levine and Dean, 2013). That is especially true when these  students get ready to attend a university.

“He’s not going where he should, Howard. Maybe we should help him!!!

Most parents want their children to attend an Ivy League school such as Harvard, Stanford, or Texas A&M.

In fact, many other colleges are sought after by high school seniors as well. One of the requirements to get into most universities is to write an admission essay. The process is stressful for both the parents and students. So how do parents avoid turning “help” with admission essays into “too much help”? Parents with good intentions often offer lots of input and comments, which their child will gratefully accept. It is right for them to maybe proofread the essay, but not write it. The wisest thing to do in this case is to ask someone who is considerably away from the submission process. While parents mean well, any beneficial opinion may be misunderstood, generating battles during an already stressful time. Many other people including a writing service are more beneficial when looking for guidance in writing a submission. Furthermore, engaging an application essay writing service to write a custom application essay is also a good option. The reason is that above all else, it needs to be your essay, in your voice, telling your story. A custom writing service will take that into consideration when writing, where parents are somewhat biased, and it might turn into their essay instead of the students (“Your Child’s Admission Essay: How Much Help Is Too Much Help?, 2017”).

– A good writing service is impartial, and are expert at creating the right meaning on paper (“Your Child’s Admission Essay: How Much Help Is Too Much Help?, 2017”).

– A good writing service knows how to help write in a person’s own voice, so sounds like the person, not like someone else (“Your Child’s Admission Essay: How Much Help Is Too Much Help?, 2017”).

– A good writing service editor will think about the readers, and will help structure and write the essay so that it’s something people want to read.

– A good writing service will employ custom expert writers, and has experience in helping people communicate through writing (“Your Child’s Admission Essay: How Much Help Is Too Much Help?, 2017”).

– And, a respectable writing service will help the student make this *their* essay. Jittery Monks are custom professional college application essay writers that meet these qualifications. Many experts suggest that impartialness is the key to a great application essay.. It is challenging for close relatives to stay impartial and the whole process often causes friction between the student and parent (“Your Child’s Admission Essay: How Much Help Is Too Much  Help?, 2017”).

Parents are always encouraged to help the student come up with ideas for what the essay going to include, but it is more pragmatic of them to buy the application essay. This does not undermine the sincerity and truthfulness of the complete submission. Yes, the risks can seem extraordinary, but, it is actually the candidate’s record that is being assessed and it should be their ideas that are given as well regardless of the writing medium. Professional application essay writing services are expert at telling people’s story on paper. They can help in discerning the theme and give indicators around wherever the student can reinforce it (“Your Child’s Admission Essay: How Much Help Is Too Much Help?, 2017”).

Getting into the most elite universities has become increasingly competitive. The admission essay has been rising in significance as well. According to a survey by the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, grades and academic rigor are the most influential factors in an admissions decision (Lipton, 2018). Next are test scores, followed by college essays. The essay is just one of multiple selection factors in today’s holistic approach to college admissions. While a college essay will not get a child, who is not qualified into any college, it can help a qualified applicant get a better shot at admission to that dream school (Lipton, 2018).

Most parents are worried that their children have not yet started their applications – or that the essays are either not done or not very good. A pragmatic parent will buy a college admission essay to help their child get into a top university. Moreover, many students looking to get into college do not feel qualified to write their own essays and many parents (14 %) are willing to let professional scholarship essay writers do it for them. I would be willing to let Jittery Monks write my application essay as well as write my college admissions essay.

Parents feel that their children’s success should be recognized and that is through getting into a top-notch college, but most universities are expensive. Many families depend on scholarships to pay for them and today’s parents will do almost anything to help their children succeed. Even buying expert essays for them? Of course, it is perfectly acceptable if the student uses it as a model to write their own. Now, many admission requirements include a parent’s essay as well. If both are bought, they would look the same, so that poses a red flag.

However, the participation in a parental role is so significant that it frequently indicates whether a mediocre student will go to a best college or going to a county university. It is very important to be a taking the initiative parent. Everyday students do not take the submission procedure seriously and miss cutoff dates, do not get ready for homogeneous examinations, and scrawl out an application essay at the last minute that is mediocre. Pragmatic parents shape their kid’s university submission method, from the university pursuit stage to “SAT / SAT Subject Test” training to admittance essay writing.

Some parents are “blessed” with children who are obsessive by the objective of accomplishing a top school, and these pupils will contribute to their submission the attention it warrants. Most scholars have not made an Ivy League school such as Harvard their main objective since intermediate school. Nevertheless, a lot of of these individuals use writing services because it is suggested through the grape vine that Harvard discards two thousand candidates a year and discards hundreds of scholars with faultless “SAT” marks. Pragmatic parents comprehend the significance of the essay to admissions decisions.

For top students, average students, and struggling students, the essay is a critical part of the college application, and it is the primary way admissions officers evaluate thousands of applicants with similar statistics. Moreover, only with a good essay will a student be admitted to a college for which he or she has only an average or below-average GPA and SAT score.

According to the BBC news, there are more helicopter parents than not. Last year, six thousand parents paid big money for their children’s essays for education. So, that stands to reason that parents are paying hundreds of pounds for their children studying at university.

So-called “helicopter parents” have been acknowledged as a fragment of modern campus life. These are parents, compensating the university to support their student, but more and more need to control how their offspring are being educated. A current survey suggests that parents, predominantly more wealthy ones, are today also enthusiastic to pay for admission compositions and scholarship essays. As the price of schooling increases, parents appear to think that they requirement to have a portion of control. There are parents who want a yield on very costly schooling.

It’s easy to assume the same is true of scholarship essays. A grant or scholarship essay is also required to apply for a scholarship. It is hard to know how many students apply for receiving financial support each year, however, it is easy to determine what makes the ones who win so special in the eyes of the committee that makes the decision. The best essay gets the scholarship.

The price of a college education has always been a concern, even to middle class parents who earn an equitable income. This concern is based on the fact that their children do not meet the criteria for need-based income. They have little hope of finding the money to attend the most selective school that offers admission, whatever the price. Most tuition comes out to about two hundred thousand dollars and that is steep for the parents and the student. That is where scholarship money comes in. Spending a little money to make their child’s essay stand out among others is an acceptable amount to pay for many pragmatic parents. It is far less than the full tuition needed. Moreover, if it brings in scholarship money for the student, it was worth it to struggling parents, especially if the student has excellent grades to go along with it. Furthermore, many universities are looking for top grades from applicants. Admission experts say colleges increasingly use grant dollars as a tool to attract good students, needy or not. Many colleges favor merit aid, offering packages that can cover most or all of the cost of an education. Schools manage the expense by passing it along to the students who pay full price (The New Bidding War for High-Scoring Students Causes Selective Colleges to Be Less Diverse, 2000). So, it becomes partly responsible for the steep tuition increases of the past 20 years. For college applicants, on the other hand, it has produced a shopper’s market. High-achieving students can reap steep discounts at colleges with strong reputations for undergraduate education if they meet the criteria; which includes a well-written essay (The New Bidding War for High-Scoring Students Causes Selective Colleges to Be Less Diverse, 2000).

Another problem faced by parents of students wishing to get into a good university is that many colleges are forced to micro-target students to help them attract specific pool of high school graduates. This scramble has put more pressure on them to find students of a certain kind. There are companies that sell data on students to help colleges find specific types of students, including students with families wealthy enough to pay for college and students who can receive outside scholarships for other characteristics, including specific learning disabilities (The New Bidding War for High-Scoring Students Causes Selective Colleges to Be Less Diverse, 2000).

In addition, by ranking colleges on admissions, this has shaped a world where students are seen as consumers, and colleges and universities as commodities especially in scholarship opportunities. The rankings are a key reason the higher-education landscape today operates like a marketplace in which institutions compete to convince the best students to buy their product. This places burden on the parents and students to compete for their student’s best interest. This includes paying someone to write the essays that get the attention of the committees that offer highest paying scholarships and tuition.

Many educators believe this competition poses a danger to the traditional, lower-income recipients of financial aid–and ultimately to some of the institutions themselves. Money awarded to high achievers, they say, will ultimately reduce funds that might have gone to needier students.

Still, many students do not feel confident enough to excel in writing their own essay, so it is reasonable for parents to buy a scholarship essay from a scholarship essay writing service.

In recent years, bidding wars among colleges have taken place to recruit students whom they want to attend. That means the universities will offer more scholarships to the students who ramp up their admissions to stand out. That also means a whole lot more money for the student who earns the prize. Universities are competing for the top students and they will offer the most money to outbid the others. That puts some students at a huge disadvantage if they cannot meet the essay criteria, so it is acceptable for them as well as some parents to buy custom written essays to impress the universities to offer lucrative deals.

College admission essays have become quite a bit more important in the last ten to fifteen years as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) has seen somewhat of a kickback from the admissions offices as being less relevant. However, there is a wrinkle here too, because the new revised SAT now includes essay questions. It is likely the case that a college admissions reviewer could compare an admissions essay with the written portion of the new SAT test, detect any dramatically improved writing, and potentially reject it as an admissions essay written by a professional service (or parent) rather than the student.

With competition so fierce, it is imperative to have your scholarship essay stand out among the others. If a person is not expert at writing, it is easy to hire someone who can write the essay to influence the scholarship committee the way that is needed. Sure, you could do hours of research on Google and find the methods that would work and you could spend more hours hashing out the final essay and your parents could do it as well. It might be what you need, but what if it did not get the audience involved and it was boring? Then, the time spent getting ready is wasted.

Why would you do that when there are perfectly capable writers out there who could use their expertise to write exactly what is needed to impress the committee in a shorter amount of time and then that leaves time for other endeavors?

Is it safe you ask to buy essays online? Students are often frightened they will be caught handing in essays if they choose the wrong kind of essay writing company. This is correct. It is not possible to know whether the essay writing company you choose will be ultimately helpful for you in the end. So, choose cautiously and carefully. Many students use these services because they need help getting into a top-notch university and they need to get scholarships for a promising career. We have to be practical about what exactly students need, and it is difficult to consider all those ethical issues, because without essay writing help, students may fail and potentially destroy their career.

There are other concerns that essays written by essay writing services are not scanned for plagiarism, may be plagiarized or may be resold quickly, thus jeopardizing student career. First …there is nothing to fear if you are a student and have not done anything illegal. Many essay companies use plagiarism scanners and software and students feel they will never be caught if they hand in these essays for grading.

Most college admission officials claim that they are aware that essay services write essays, but they often deny just how widespread it is. One way they can do that is by comparing the submitted essay with what the student wrote on the writing portion of the ACT or SAT. The ACT/SAT writing test was taken in a timed proctored environment while the college essay has undergone multiple drafts and been shown to multiple teachers and counselors. However, they do not take proper steps to precaution in contrast to it, and they do not set procedures to outline what sort of assistance is allowable and what is not. In mainstream cases, university officers can only conjecture that an essay is not original. Chances are that admission committees cannot ever be sure that an essay is not the candidate’s own. Like many things in life, the essay-writing debate boils down to a personal-responsibility issue.

It is not easy to make a scholarship essay stand out among many essays. After all, even if you fit the criteria to a “T”, you’re still likely to be one of a number of applicants with similar grades, goals, activities, and aspirations. That is where a great application essay comes in. The essay is your best chance to make the case for why you should receive the scholarship; it helps the scholarship provider learn about the person behind the application and gives them a much more detailed look at your school and home life.

Most people who want to make a statement buy their scholarship or admission essay from the writers of the Jittery Monks team who cover a huge area of knowledge and are always ready to apply their years of expertise to meeting the writing needs of clients. This is an academic support service providing professional writing, editing, and excellent support guaranteed to give one hundred percent to make that essay the best possible one at a very affordable price. Just let them know what is needed and the experts will do the rest to design and write the best custom speech and/or presentation to meet your specific needs. Ordering from the best writers on the planet will guarantee that you will get expert-quality work every time. Their support team is always ready to help get the specific results that are needed in the shortest time imaginable.

The expert writers at Jittery Monks make sure every order is treated with care and attention to detail. Teams of talented professionals are ready to accommodate whatever preferences that is required for any occasion. We have access to some of the best writers currently working in the business. Attention to detail is not only an asset; it is a habit of highly qualified writers. Custom speeches and presentations will always be delivered exactly when needed, even with tight deadlines with zero plagiarism guaranteed.

The way these writers stand out is that they:

  1. Know the audience: Although we are looking at scholarship essays as a whole, it is important to realize that every scholarship provider is looking for a specific student who meets unique criteria. We look closely at the questions, the organization giving the scholarship and any past recipients can find to give a uniquely written statement for each individual.
  2. Avoid the “one-size-fits-all” essay by creating an original essay.
  3. Know that the main purpose of your essay is to convince the scholarship provider that you are the student they have been looking for. We will answer the questions in the outline, but make sure every point is illustrated with a specific detail that shows the committee that the student is exceptional. Even a well-researched and passionately written essay can be derailed by spelling mistakes or awkward sentences, and our editing makes sure there are no mistakes.
  4. Know how to edit and perfect the best essay based on each individual student.
  5. As with many things in life, it is critical to follow directions and answer the question or address the topic presented. If you do not have sufficient knowledge to do so intelligently or are not confident in your ability to do so, our writers are experts at following the most stringent instructions. We only provide unique papers written entirely by the writers from scratch. You are protected against plagiarism.

When you hire these custom speechwriters, you are hiring a person, not an assistant or an agency. You receive personal service throughout your project when you buy your admission or scholarship essay from a custom speech writing service. Have questions about the service. Check out the FAQs here to see what the experts can do for you. Then, when you are ready to buy, visit here for expert help.


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