There are many hazardous occupations in the world. Studying for finals can be just as dangerous if you are not prepared for the rigorous and demanding challenges that are in store. Studying for finals will put pressure on the student in all ways, maybe too much. A person’s mental health is their most important asset, and a normal college student is exposed to stresses that test their mental health.

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The Link between Suicide and Studying for Finals

There are many cases of students who decided to take their own life rather than find a solution to their mental health problems.

In this case, a student jumped out of the classroom and killed herself during the test itself. Exam stress was highlighted as a cause.

In another tragic story, suicide is exposed as being the 2nd or 3rd leading cause of death among college students.

A noose hanging ominously

Suicide among college students is a big problem. The good news is that it can be prevented….

As anyone who has attended college can tell you, things are different at finals time. The stress is more palpable and there is always a lot more tension in the air. People tend to break down during this time in all kinds of ways as binge studying leads to problems

During finals time, students get much less sleep. Sleep is very important in the helping both the mind and body function. When students deprive themselves of sleep, they become more agitated and less aware of their actions. This is a recipe for disaster for some who are already under enormous stress to make good grades.

Let’s face it, modern culture makes a lot of demands upon people. People are expected to excel at whatever they do. For some, school is not their cup of tea, but they need the degree to accomplish another goal. Stressing out about schoolwork leads to poor decision making and can compound mental health problems that may have pre-existed before the study overload.

I remember my freshman year in college at the end of first semester. I was just about done with my finals when it was announced that a senior had jumped off a building into the river below and killed himself. This memory will always stick with me and remind me of how finals can be very overbearing and stressful. It was very depressing realizing that this young man had only one semester left before he had graduated. Mental health played a strong role in his decision to jump and end his life.

Reasons for Suicide

There are many reasons why people might kill themselves. The following list highlights the reason why some people commit suicide:

  1. Drug overdoses.
  2. Money problems
  3. Pain and suffering
  4. A terminal illness
  5. In a search for meaning
  6. Genetically prone to suicide in the family history
  7. Family problems and relationship troubles
  8. Loneliness and isolation
  9. Unemployment
  10. Drug abuse
  11. Mental illnesses and personality disorders
  12. Excessive exposure to trauma

This list highlights some of the main reasons why people kill themselves but everyone has their own personal reason.

A student could fall into one of these categories very easily. It is important to know if you are prone to suicide or suicidal thoughts. During times of high stress these factors are intensified and can trigger someone to take their life their own hands.

The Special Case of the Stressed Out Student
Woman holding a stack of books and crying out in agony

Students have it especially tough if they are not prepared to suffer in finals week….

College students are in a very special situation and their mental health may be at risk due to their uniqueness. According to this report, 8 out of 10 college students experience abnormal levels of high stress. The lack of free time is mostly accredited to these high levels of stress that cause illness and unwanted behaviors. Part of learning in college deals with knowing one’s own personal limits. Young students often push themselves too hard and wind up regretting it. This happens in all aspects in life. The motto “ in order to know what is enough, you have to know what is more than enough, “ seems to fit this group very well.

Preventing Suicide

College students can take a breath of fresh air when they realize that the stress they are going through is somewhat normal and very preventable. Some stress is necessary, but too much is dangerous. College students, and especially those who are studying for finals, must take time to relax and take it easy on themselves. This is harder that it sounds.

College culture is about pushing oneself to the limit. This must be done in a managed and safe way however. Students must realize what is really important in their lives and make priorities based upon these ideals. Staying focused on these goals can help prevent suicide. During finals, this must be done in order to preserve the sanity of the student who is most likely knocking themselves out with hard work for now reason.

Suicide can be prevented when a new motto is adopted; Work smart, not hard. Working hard can be a trap that people find themselves in mostly on accident. While hard work is no doubt necessary to become successful, one must work smart in order to accomplish goals in a reasonable amount of time. Hard work for hard work’s sake is a waste of time and energy. Working too hard will eventually kill you. It is necessary to find ways to escape hard work and relax to improve mental health.

Two hands reaching out finding each other. Text reads, "Suicide is 100% preventable. Speak up, reach out."

Take it easy, don’t kill yourself, get help and talk to someone who can help you.

In order to prevent one’ mental health from deteriorating and fall in an emotional state of suicide, one must ask themselves “why” they are doing the things they are doing. Why do college students knock themselves out studying hard during finals week? For some, they want to be better than everyone else. For others, they have peer or family pressure that is causing them to stress out and become unhinged. These are not good reasons to risk your mental health.

A person’s mental health is the most important aspect of their day to day living. If your thought patterns and emotional responses are not serving you, everything else will soon fall apart. Once the mental health of a person declines, it is very difficult to get back on track and become sane again. Early prevention and awareness is key to allowing a steep decline into madness. College finals has a funny way of pushing people to the edge, and sometimes they don’t ‘come back.

Best Ways to Improve Mental Health
  1. Find and get help when it is needed.
  2. Avoid drugs
  3. Avoid alcohol
  4. Change up the schedule to break the monotony
  5. Create attainable goals
  6. Meditate and quiet the mind
  7. Exercise and eat well
  8. Appreciate yourself and all of your special qualities
  9. Drink lots of water
  10. Surround yourself with positive and loving people who care about your mental health
Getting in the Mood to Study

In order to navigate this tough obstacle, it is helpful to know how to get in the mood to study for finals. The right mood sets the tone and allows you to become at peace with yourself. The mind must become relaxed in order for it to function at a high level. Remember, you can’t make a good decision if you are in a bad state of mind. Don’t make any decisions when you are under a lot of stress, because the odds are that you will be making things much worse and getting yourself into a lot of trouble.

Here is how you can relax your mind to prepare yourself for studying finals:

  • Create time to meditate and take advantage of all the positive effects it has on both the mind and body.
  • Be gracious and thankful for everything you have. This is important to put yourself in the right frame of mind.
  • Be aware of your own thoughts. Take the time to separate the thought from the thinker and identify the sources of emotional stress.
  • Be nice to yourself and don’t put yourself down with negative self-talk that ultimately limits what you can do.
  • Set good habits for yourself. The strongest force a person has is their ability to maintain a habit, so you should probably create habits that are good for you.
  • Write down your findings and discoveries in a journal. This will help monitor and evaluate your progress.
  • Don’t be afraid. Have faith and confidence in your abilities to succeed.
Knowing your Limits and Asking For Help

It is more important to understand what you can’t do as an individual. By understanding our own limitations and acting accordingly we can overcome the problems that are associated with college students’ suicides during finals. This is useful skill to possess and realizing what is possible and what is not possible is at the core of true learning and well-rounded education. Students are not superheroes with superpowers, everyone can use a helping hand once in a while to help alleviate stress. This is especially true when people are being bombarded with high levels of stress that affect their decision making capabilities.

Asking for help is a natural and necessary part of life. Human beings live for helping each other out. We need friends, family and other paid professionals to help us along our journey. There is no such thing a stupid or wasteful question, and everyone should listen to their internal dialogue when confusion arises. Burying this confusion only adds to the stress and increases the likelihood of someone killing themselves.

Closing Thoughts

Many people take college way too seriously. While it is important in many aspects, it is not worth risking your life over it. Coursed can be taken again, lessons can be learned better and teachers will give second and third chances. Once you take your own life there is no second chance. A college diploma is nice, but having a full functioning life with a strong mental outlook is way more important. The temptation to end the temporary pain caused by finals is strong but must be avoided. There are many ways to simply eliminate the problem and they all should be explored before committing an act that cannot be reversed.

College finals can be really tough and challenging and the stress that is put upon the student during this time can be overwhelming. Take time out to think about the situation before deciding on taking action. Knowledge is key and having a firm grasp on all your available options will help you in making the right decision during stressful times. Take advantage of all the help that is available for you. There are many outlets that can ease your worried mind and eliminate the possibility of you every killing yourself for the purpose of getting good grades.

Here at Jittery Monks, we understand the abnormal amount of stress and pressure that is placed on hard working college students. We have all the resources to help you unload some of your many pressing assignments and papers. Check out the website here and see how we can help you. If you are bummed out and depressed about your schoolwork, we will change that and create a new understanding for you that will relieve you most troubled thoughts.

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