In 2011, then-President Barack Obama met with a handful of college presidents to discuss strategies for curbing the ever-increasing price of secondary education as well as how to simply get more students into college programs and graduating.

The college presidents that President Obama met with were not the ones a typical President might meet with; they were all running institutions that were focusing on lowering the costs of the educations they were providing or who had made distinct moves to improve how their students learned. One of the institutions that was represented at that meeting was Western Governor’s University, a nonprofit and online school that may well be the future of education.

In 2013, President Obama said of WGU: “[it] is one of the innovators implementing promising practices that offer breakthroughs on cost, quality, or both.” You may already know all of this, and more, if you’re currently enrolled at WGU. You probably already know, too, that a college doesn’t get recognize by the President of the United States—for the most part—unless it’s a good one; that means challenging assessments and a lot of time and energy to earn that degree.

Most people who enroll in online institutions, however, have a lot more going on than just school and may not have the time and energy necessary to impress the school that impressed Mr. Obama. There’s a secret to getting everything done and done well without working yourself to the bone: JitteryMonks. These energized scribes-of-old are your key to passing every paper, assessment, capstone or any other assignment really, and getting that WGU Diploma in no time!

College Tuition? It’s on Bill Gates.

One of the best things about Western Governor’s University is that it is nonprofit. This means that it is one of the most affordable colleges in the United States. Even their financial aid is more affordable because they receive funding from people like Bill and Melinda Gates that allow them to keep costs low and offer grants or scholarships that don’t need to be paid back. Since so many students looking for online degree programs are beyond the typical college age range and often already employed full-time, WGU is also a match for coporate reimbursement programs , meaning that your company may very well pay for you to go back to school!

Since they are so affordable, that means that when time gets away from you, your WGU assignments make absolutely no sense to you, or your computer dies after hours of work on that WGU essay, you can afford the high-quality, WGU-student approved Monks! Seriously, let Bill and Melinda’s $1 million grant pay for your classes and your 9-5 gig pay for groceries and electricity, and then a little of that can go toward making sure your WGU papers are completed on time and on point.

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Pay for college? Check


Choose Your Own Schedule

One of the things that gets touted most about WGU is how flexible your schooling schedule can be. One dude brags here about completing his Masters in Business Administration in only 4.5 months! Not everyone has that kind of obsessive time to commit to their studies, though, do they?

That being said, whether you’re on a time crunch like that dude made for himself, or just trying to level up to that diploma whenever you possibly can, one thing that’s important to note on his blog is his chart about WGU assignments that he was required to complete in order to swipe that MBA. There are lots of papers and exams, some quizzes and presentations and then, of course, the foreboding and intimidating WGU Capstone.

Maybe you’re not like Mr. Wong who could get all of that done himself in less than five months; but, that doesn’t mean that you can’t figure out how to finish WGU fast yourself. Have a little help from your friends at JitteryMonks. Seriously, we’ve reviewed the WGU Capstone Archive to make sure that our tireless, dedicated monks can meet WGU standards, no question. If you have one of those dreaded WGU Capstones that you need done, we know how to do it, and do it right. With JitteryMonks, you’ll be easily and quickly on your way to that MBA or [insert your preferred degree here] in just as short a time as Mr. Wong.

Maybe, like the average online university student today, 83% of them to be more precise, you’re already employed full-time and can’t dedicate weeks or even hours of work to your Company G 3 Year Marketing Plan MKT1 essay; which is totally understandable. In the meantime, we have writers who know those essays inside and out and have nothing but time to make sure yours is picture perfect.

Maybe you’re one of the growing number of online students who are part of the military and have more important things to do with your time than tedious marketing essays, like protecting your country. Or maybe you’re one of the other growing number of online students, students who happen to have disabilities or learning impairments; online education is making education so much more accessible but, that doesn’t mean that your ADD or dyslexia automatically, miraculously improve. I got my start helping other people with their school assignments by helping my brother, who was diagnosed with severe ADHD at a young age. He needed a hand concentrating and focusing, and what could take me an hour to get done wocould take him hours and hours of energy-depleting concentration to do.

Maybe you’re like 37% of online students, the first in your family to go to college, and you don’t have an experienced older sister or a parent who can help you out the way other people do.

WGU assessments can be tricky and time consuming. We’re here to make sure that not only is education more accessible to you, it’s also achievable and successful.

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Don’t have time for all these notes? Book us today!


Getting Ahead in Your Career

Many online students are looking to boost their current career, and maybe that’s you, too. Maybe you already working full-time but really want to stand out when it comes time for a promotion or a transfer or a raise. 46% of online enrollees enrolled to advance in their current career.

This is often the motivation for those enrolled in the WGU Nursing program. “Nurses today, who often work on erratic schedules, turn to online learning to boost their careers and attain greater authority over patient care,” according to US News.Additionally, a survey in 2015 found that nursing was the “second most popular major among both undergraduate and graduate online learners, following business administration at both levels.”

As a nurse, you “don’t need an advanced degree to land a good job” but a master’s can make landing a job and advancing through the ranks much, much easier.

Maybe you’ve worked for a few years as a general nurse, but have discovered a specialty you want to pursue more closely. “Graduate education…allows nurses to focus their skills in areas such as gerontology or pediatrics, teach or move into an administrative role,” and “it also means a higher salary potential.”

The median nursing salary if you have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is around $65 thousand; if you have a master’s however, the median is at least $20 thousand higher!

So maybe you’ve checked out Western Governor’s University LVN to BSN: an advanced placement program for licensed vocational nurses that involves 30-units to get you on track to your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. You need the degree to get the big bucks; but maybe you already know the basics and just need the piece of paper to get that extra paper. With your schedule, you don’t have time to write essays on content you already know or complete assessments on lessons you’ve already learned.

As a nurse, your schedule fluctuates in most situations; but, generally, you’re going to be working 8, 10, or 12 hour days multiple times a week. Those shifts, too, aren’t like your everyday office job; one hour of a nursing shift can be more draining than an entire week in your average cubicle. You barely have time to sleep or energy to cook yourself a meal, let alone research and complete an essay or capstone project. JitteryMonks has no problem with the WGU Nursing program and its assignments. We’d rather you be well rested for that hospital shift, to be totally honest; no all-nighters for you unless you’re on graveyard. Even then—you should sleep; sleep is good.

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Medical emergency? We’ll leave that to you. Paper emergency? That we can handle.


Finding the Support You Need

Western Governor’s University, WGU, is so known in the world of online education that there’s even specific WGU Reddit pages dedicated to building an online community of mentoring, tutoring and general advice for the school. You can browse the various forums there to see how complicated (or not) some of the assessments are and how many questions people have. You can practically find out exactly what the school experience is like before you even begin.

Take some time to get a feel for the coursework. If you look around, there are examples of previous WGU assessments available online. However, note that these kinds of prewritten WGU assessment answers are generally outdated, since curriculums change over time.

If you’re still not quite sure about the details, you can always get in touch with the WGU Assessment Services team to ask questions and to get help with your projects. There are a number of advisors who are glad to help students get a feel for WGU’s coursework and expectations.

This will give you an idea about what to expect going into your program, which is a great way to prepare and organize your schedule. If you know the class-by-class breakdown of expectations, assignments and the amount of work involved, you can know ahead of time when you may not have the time or resources to get something done yourself, based on your work and life schedule, which you probably already know.

Once you get your WGU login information, you’re good to go on getting that work done, so then you just need to login to JitteryMonks and let us know what you need us for.

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Don’t let your assignments stack up—turn the page on your education—read all about the services we offer at!


Talk to the Monks

Most online students, especially WGU students, have too much going on with work, life and family to put in the required time and effort to complete a WGU degree program. But, making that extra money and taking that next career step almost makes an advanced degree mandatory these days. At JitteryMonks, we’ve worked with Western Governor’s University students in almost every program, on almost every assignment. We show those assignments who’s boss so you can show your boss how boss you are. Why should you work full time and then lose sleep over a nursing quiz, a marketing essay or a MBA Capstone? The answer is simple: you shouldn’t.

We’re called Jittery because we do the excess caffing-up so you don’t have to. We’ll leave the saving lives and running the world to you and you leave the research papers to us, okay? When you get your syllabus or a new assignment, go to this page right here and fill out as many details as you can. We’ll get back to you as soon as our jittery fingers can type with an estimate for price and time and then we’ll get one of our wizened and dedicated monks to work on an assignment tailored-made for you. We don’t just send you something from some archive of readymade papers or assignments, no ma’am/sir/way.

We are the haute couture of homework help and paper writing; you’re so much better than off the rack and we would never insult you by sending you something that was written or completed for someone else. We’ll do it on your timeline for your course and, if you play your cards right, maybe you can get an MBA in less than five months, too. Maybe you can even show up Mr. Wong and get one in less than four months. Cross my heart, we are willing to drink an extra double shot of espresso if that’s what you need. Our priority is you and your assessment, and getting it done to your precise specifications.

Try us out for that first tricky one and you’ll be so much closer to that promotion or pay-raise that you’ll be able to taste it, just like I can taste the energy drink I just had for lunch. We’re here so that you can get a full night’s sleep, spend quality time with your kids, stick to your social engagements, show up to work on time and ready to get it done, and still complete that online degree in a flash; seriously, people are going to think you’re some kind of superhero. We won’t tell if you won’t.

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